About RHO 12 Financial Services

Meet Our Owner

Albert Rhodes, honorably completed a 22-year career in the United States Air Force! Albert now has his own business as a Business Funding Consultant! He connects businesses to funding resources such as payroll, equipment renting, and operating capital. He services start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, and business ...

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How We Work

We’ll use your information to process your request for information. We’ll use your information to contact you about our services and products. RHO-12 Financial Services is not, nor projects, insinuates nor pretends to be a Licensed United States Securities Dealer, Broker of any kind, nor a Financial or Investment ...
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Rising Business Consultant in Tampa

At RHO-12 Financial Services, we are business funding consultants located in Tampa. We gather business owners' funding requests via social media, phone calls, emails, or digital forms. We review and forward the requests to our lenders according to the types of funding requested. When lenders find matching loans, ...

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What Our Clients Say

Andrew Fiore

Working with Albert is always a pleasure. Professional knowledgeable and quick to respond.

3 Reviews

I found Albert to be congenial, knowledgeable, expedient to serve with great contacts, and lenders to get the job done!

Nov 11, 2022
Cora Germany, Evangelist